Transition Training

May 14, 2011 alex Uncategorized

There are only a handful of certified Transition Trainers in the world, and we were lucky enough to have the very well known Tina Clarke, for the May Training.

We had about 20 people, from as far away as Long Island. Some had done trainings and wanted to get more, and others were completely new to the movement.

Given that Transition is about a community become more active in sustainability and resilience, everyone the re had at least some interest in topics ranging from organic gardening, to bicycling, to composting, to renewable energy, to recycling, to vegetarian cooking.

We learned about the Transition Towns that came before us, now more than 1,000 on several continents. We also heard stories of success and failure, and ideas for organizing the group, events and initiatives. Tina was wonderful, answering all of our questions with her amazing background and personal stories too.

Great people…great food…important ideas


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