From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience Transition Framingham is a completely volunteer run grass-roots organization comprised of people who live and/or work in Framingham MA, and are looking for ways to increase resilience and sustainability in a world of growing population and shrinking resources. We started in late 2011 and currently have over a dozen active members and hundreds of people on our mailing list. We follow the Transition Network model developed by Rob Hopkins in the UK, now with thousands of offshoots on several continents. Learn more about Transition on Wikipedia. Our goals are simple but wide-reaching. We:

  1. Create awareness and strengthen our organization with small community projects such as gardening, bike clinics, improved transportation information, and community outreach during the holidays.
  2. Become involved with local government, businesses, individuals, and other organizations.
  3. Form work groups to make inroads in increasing sustainability and resilience in areas such as recycling, permaculture, renewable energy, and education.

With 68,000 people living in Framingham, and perhaps another 20,000 working in town, there ought to be at least one project that is of interest or benefit to almost everyone. Join us by emailing transitionframingham@yahoo.com!

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