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October 31, 2013 alex Pulse

Transition Framingham Events

canning Would you like to make pickles and preserves with us? This is a good way to put by the bounty of your own garden or locally farm-grown fruits and vegetables. A workshop will be held providing information, guidance, and materials
All of the materials and ingredients needed to can Pumpkin Pickles and Cranberry-Port Preserves will be provided, for a charge of $10.00.
Date: Saturday, November 9, 12:30-4:30
Location: email to register and receive location.

Kid’s Crafts
November 13, 3:00pm-6:00pm
Framingham Public Library, J craft room, 49 Lexington St, Framingham
Drop-in and make some crafts for the upcoming holiday season(s). Craft and card making materials (and some guidance!) will be available.

Public hearing about General Chemical Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility
When: Wed, Nov 13, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Where: Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, 169 Leland St  Framingham, MA 01702
Cosponsor: Framingham Action Coalition for Environmental Safety
This hearing is about General Chemical Corporation’s hazardous waste transfer facility on Leland Street, next to Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. This is one of the few opportunities for public comments. We are asking everyone to come out to show their support for a clean Framingham for all. If you’re interested in presenting a public comment (which we encourage you to do) or looking for more information, please contact Alex at

Around Town and from Surrounding Towns

From the Ice Age to the Anthropocene: What the last 21,000 years tell us about 21st century Climate Change
By Dr. Jeremy Shakun, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Boston College
November 7, Thursday, 4:30 pm, Hemenway Room G 11, Framingham State University
Dr. Shakun is a geologist and paleoclimatologist whose groundbreaking paper in Nature last year resolved a controversial issue in climate science, with interesting consequences beyond the scientific. He has also contributed to reports issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He will talk about why we think global warming is due to human activity, what lessons past climate changes teaches us about the present, and what the science tells us about the future consequences of our actions. Come to this lucid and fascinating presentation by a leading researcher in the field! Refreshments will be served.

MetroWest confronts the climate crisis
Thursday Nov.7, from 7-9 pm
Join us for the historic MetroWest Node kickoff event,
at the Fairbank Community Center (40 Fairbank Road) in Sudbury
With Malcolm Bliss, Darcy Dumont, Dorian Williams and Wen Stephenson of 350MA and many others from your town.

Biomimicry Living Labs for Green Harbors: Applying Nature’s Solutions
November 13, Wednesday, at 5 pm, Hemenway Room 212, Framingham State University
Dr. Anamarija Frankic
is a professor, biologist, and Fullbright Fellow at UMass Boston, where she directs the Green Harbors Project and is also a visiting professor at the University of Split, Croatia. As an expert in ecology, limnology and marine science, she is inspired by Biomimicry, “the science and art of emulating Nature’s best biological ideas, strategies and designs to solve human problems.” Applying this vision to rejuvenating Boston Harbor – which is troubled by numerous issues including the threat of climate change – she initiated the Green Boston Harbor project in 2009. Her work is rooted in the real-world challenges at the intersection of ecology, design, and economics, and presents new possibilities as to how we might work differently with Nature in a world threatened by climate change.Come to this enlightening talk by a pioneer in the emerging field of Biomimicry! Refreshments will be served.

Documentary: “Last Call at the Oasis”
November 14th at 7 pm

Ashland Public Library on 66 Front St., Ashland
Water. It’s the earth’s most valuable resource. Our cities are powered by it, countless industries depend on it, and all living things need it to survive. Are we taking care of it?

Stay after the film, we will have an open discussion about the film and water issues in general and we have Wayne Bates, PhD, who is a water and wastewater treatment specialist and Roy Correia, Ashland’s long time Water Foreman available to answer questions.

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