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March 7, 2016 alex Eat LocalEventsGrowing Food

Many neighbors and friends came together to answer How can we enjoy more fresh food in Framingham? at our 2nd annual Fresh Food for Framingham event on March 6th, 2016. We brainstormed a lot of ideas and then held break-out groups for the most popular ones. These groups are now in their formative stages – join in to help them get off the ground!

Here’s more information about each one:

Garden Camp for Kids: The kids garden camp group discussed many possibilities for places to partner with in Framingham to provide kids’ gardening activities in the summer.  We haven’t set a date for a follow-up meeting but we are sharing ideas online; including ideas for collaborating with existing groups (like Daniel’s Table — see If anyone who didn’t get to sign in to our breakout group would like receive the minutes from our meeting and stay posted for possible future meetings please contact Mary

Bees, Butterflies & Beyond: We discussed connecting with Conservation Commission in Town to see if they already have plans to do some planting of bee/butterfly friendly flowers in and around Town and/or determine who we need to be in contact with to gain approval to take on this project. Several members were interested in helping with the group and volunteering to plant. We brainstormed ideas on who we could each reach out to (or do our own research on) so that we can determine which type of plants and flowers will survive best for this project. Lastly we discussed having a booth at the Framingham Farmer’s Market. To participate, please contact Jen.

Compost Crew: aims to help individuals and groups in our community begin composting or expand their current composting capabilities. We will help anyone willing to compost get set up and provide information on the various stages of composting. We hope to make composting as simple as possible by providing easy to digest educational materials. Our main goal is to keep compostable material out of landfills and water systems and instead turn it into black gold. Contact Matt to get involved.

Cooking to Grow Framingham: We all want to educate people on how to eat the organic food they buy or grow in an efficient & tasty way. People keep eating the same veggies, we can introduce variety. We can come up with ways to cook for the week so we don’t waste food.
-We can set up a traveling demo to come to peoples gardens and help them harvest and cook the food right in their house or on the grill.
-This group is interesting in helping harvest out of home gardens, preserve that food, cook that food, portion that food and enjoy it to its potential.
-People tend to stay away from trying to make the things they see in a restaurant. We can share the techniques and show them it can be easy.
Contact Pat to participate!

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