Another FREE Movie: Hacking Democracy

September 17, 2016 alex Events

When: Monday, October 17, 7 PM – 9 PM
Where: Sherrill Hall (St. Paul’s Church) side/rear entrance; 39 E. Central Street, Natick, MA

Filmed over three years this daring exposé follows the investigations of a team of citizen activists and hackers as they take on the electronic voting industry, targeting the Diebold corporation. “Hacking Democracy” uncovers incendiary evidence from the trash cans of Texas to the ballot boxes of Ohio, exposing secrecy, votes in the trash, hackable software and election officials rigging the presidential recount.
Ultimately proving our votes can be stolen without a trace “Hacking Democracy” culminates in the famous ‘Hursti Hack’; a duel between the Diebold voting machines and a computer hacker from Finland – with America’s democracy at stake. Read More…

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