Framingham Garden Starters

Need help starting a garden OR want to help others start gardens? Reach out and help us get Framingham growing our own! Find us on facebook or just send us an email.
If you’re ready to setup a site assessment, just fill out the intake form.

Framingham Food Forest Fellowship

No one ever waters a forest. Why? Because a forest is a self-sustaining ecosystem. Our fellowship asks, “How can we use the same ecological principles to reduce maintenance in our own gardens and create abundance?” Join us to learn how! Our first demonstration permaculture food forest is going in at Open Spirit. Join us for the first work parties April 16th/17th, 2016 if you can.

Seed Lending Library

In collaboration with the Framingham Public Library, the Seed Lending Library makes seeds freely available to library patrons. Learn more.

Around Town

Community Garden at Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church, 360 Water St
You can have your own small plot, or help the community farm by sending an email to Diana (Dee) Palmer at or calling 508-904-0506. It has been requested that gardeners donate 10% of their produce to Daniel’s Table through the church.

Grounds Around Town

Participating businesses and organizations put aside used coffee grounds and make them available to the public.  People can then use this valuable nutrient for their gardens, yards and compost systems. For more information on how it works and how to be involved, see these attachments: Grounds Around Town, How does it work?, and What is so great about used coffee grounds?

Framingham Freecycle

Want to get rid of some extra stuff that’s cluttering up your life? Want more clutter? The Framingham Freecycle Group lets you do either! Connecting people with stuff to people that want stuff, the only rule is: items posted or request must be FREE. Joining is fairly painless and the community is priceless :).

Transition Film Series

Interested in helping to organize an educational movie series about our food, water, energy and climate? Join together with neighbors who share your passion by contacting and check out our Spring Movie Series to see previously shown movies.

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