Composting for Everyone: Beginner to Advanced

When: Thursday, June 9th, 7 to 8:30 PM
Where: Community Room, New McAuliffe Library, 746 Water St, Framingham

In this 75 minute workshop we explore many aspects of composting. We explain what compost is and how the break down process works. We will give tips and techniques for how to set up a home composting system including the various options for inside and outside containers to use. We will talk about compost maintenance and use of the end product and will explore more advanced techniques including worm composting. There will be ample time at the end of our presentation to answer questions from the audience.


HOW TO GROW A GARDEN: an organic gardening workshop

When: Saturday, March 16th, 7 to 8:30 PM
Where: Community Room, New McAuliffe Library, 746 Water St, Framingham

A workshop for beginners and need-help gardeners on planning, preparing and planting your 2016 garden.

This workshop will be an overview of the steps needed to get you and your garden off to a successful start. We’ll begin with our planning phase including garden location and sizing for your lifestyle, soil testing, what to grow and seed ordering. We’ll then move to preparation of your garden site including soil workup, soil amendments and fertilizers, compost, the layout and bed preparation.
We’ll end with tips on planting and transplanting, watering and mulching.



2nd Annual
Fresh Food for Framingham!

Read the follow-up blog post and the article in the Metrowest Daily News!

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