Teresa Conner

Teresa Conner. Member since 2011.
Roles: Initiator; Publicity.


Alexander Volfson. Member since 2011
I joined because: I think our society’s transition beyond fossil fuels is long overdue on account of climate change, rising energy prices and economic instability. There is only so much one individual can do, but as a community, helping each other along, we can do so much more.

Janice Knapp Cordes

Janice Knapp-Cordes. Member since 2011.
Roles: Initiator; Proofreader; Janice-of-all-trades.
I joined because: I think climate change is the most serious problem facing humanity and I wanted to do something positive within my town. Transitioning my life to become more sustainable and community-oriented makes so much sense.

laura bogart facepaint butterflyLaura M. Bogart. Member since 2012.
Roles: Website design; Facebook page; Publicity; Events; Outreach
I joined because: Framingham is a great community and I really think we can make a real difference in reducing pollution and helping each other.


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